Here are some of Kate’s quotes on fashion from various articles & interviews.

The thing is… I know clothes.  I just want a dress that fits and makes me feel good and makes me feel pretty.  I don’t really think about the masses.

Clothes are my favorite thing in the world.  I love clothes.  It’s my favorite thing in the entire world.

Just remember that, ultimately, dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confidence.

I have a dress-up chest at home.  I love to create this fantasy kind of thing.

When it comes to dressing, I follow my feeling and just get dressed…

I’m not a fashion designer.  I’ve never been to school or been trained.  I can’t draw a dress, really.  But I know what I like.

If I’m going dancing, then I wear the highest heels with the shortest dress.

Wear what suits you best, rather than following trends, and create your own style… I go with a feeling or emotion and don’t necessarily plan…

You need “impact” makeup.  Smoky eyes are always, always a good look.

Even before I started modeling, I was cutting up flares and making miniskirts.  When I started modeling, I used to just go to jumble sales and have bags and bags of clothes and then the stylists would use them on shoots.

I don’t think of things as “outfits” – I throw toghether what I feel is right for the night.

Retro styles and vintage clothing inspire so much of what I wear.

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