Kate has some big plans & some big $$$ ahead of her!  Kate is set to team up with music mogul Simon Cowell & Topshop boss Sir Philip Green to form a multi-billion dollar entertainment company that could potentially rival Disney.  She is signed up, with no surprise, to oversee the style/fashion end of the business.

Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss, Simon Cowell at London club Sketch

According to the source,

She has been signed as a figurehead and style setter for the fashion end of the business. She will bring her expertise to the table, advising on all branding and style for clothes, hair and accessories.

She will also be involved in finding and signing new bands and promoting them. Something that has also been talked about is Kate developing her own singing career and starting a music label.

She has a big network of people Philip and Simon have no access to and they want her to make the new venture hip.

What a great opportunity for Kate who wants to venture out to do more than modeling.  Although, I’m sure that she’ll be in demand even in her 50′s. Hopefully this gig for Kate is just as or more exciting than TopShop!

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