I so crave Kate’s messy hairdo. Just like her fashion, her hairstyle is effortless, undone sexy.  The straight-out-of-bed hair is easy to do and you can achieve this look on all lengths.

Kate Moss messy hairstyle

There are plenty of ways to get that messy yet sexy hairstyle.  The way I do it is as simple as 1-2-3!  Two things I skip here though – brushing & blow drying!  Remember, the key to this look is imperfect and undone style!

  • Wash your hair.
  • When hair is slightly damp, apply your favorite texturizing cream.  Finger comb through the hair with your head flipped.
  • Let air dry naturally!
  • If want that piecey look, apply just a little bit of mousse or gel.
  • I finish it with a bit of serum to tone down the frizz.  Voila!!!

Kate’s BFF & hairstylist James Brown is a master at creating Kate’s messy do.  Click on the photo to learn the tricks.

Kate Moss Hairstyle How to

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