Shorts are only for summer? Oh, no! Think again. You can wear them year-round. Well, there are a few exceptions like freezing cold places but you can enjoy shorts most times of the year. I don’t know about you but I’m on board with Kate when it comes to…

Ladies, see what Santa has brought this year for us at Topshop! Kate Moss Topshop Christmas 09 Collection has launched today. With vintage & oriental appeal, this collection is by far the most seductive one yet.

Kate Moss Topshop Christmas 09 collection launches next Thursday. You can check out her interview on the inspiration for the upcoming collection.

OMG, I have a strong urge to pick up a leopard/cheetah print bag myself. Kate sure knows how to flaunt that animal print from her coats to handbags. What a cool ensemble with an edgy attire and a touch of wildness.

Ooh la la… that’s the word I murmured when I smelled YSL’s latest creation Parisienne. Like the commercial, the perfume is definitely sensual and feminine.