Shorts are only for summer?  Oh, no!  Think again.  You can wear them year-round.  Well, there are a few exceptions like freezing cold places but you can enjoy shorts most times of the year.  I don’t know about you but I’m on board with Kate when it comes to “winter shorts“.  Kate struts in shorts even in cold months from denim to cozy wool/tweed shorts.  The thick wool shorts are ideal in winter, you can definitely enjoy these dressy shorts and be warm at the same time.  Kate usually wears her shorts with tights, tall boots, and a cozy blazer.

Go for thick textured tights or leggings when wearing with wool shorts to keep you extra warm.  When paired with thigh high boots like Kate, not only will you look super hot but ward off the cold as well.

Kate Moss in winter shorts

I really like these wool shorts from Gap.  So chic!

Gap wool shorts

I also dig classic, vintage style shorts like Steven Alan Pip Shorts from revolveclothing.

winter shorts

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