Kate Moss in Leopard Print Coat

One of the hottest fashion trends for fall/winter 09 is undoubtedly leopard prints.  And, of course, no one dresses in leopard better than Kate Moss!  Kate has been flaunting her love of leopard prints for several years now. She has an amazing collection of “leopardy” stuff – dresses, tops, coat/jackets, shoes, scarves, handbags, etc.  I’m a sucker for leopard things as well.  Even more so after I see how chic Kate looks in her leopard coat… undone glam at its finest.

The faux fur is the best option when it comes to leopard coats.  A classic, rich looking jacket like these go a long way.

Leopard Faux Fur Coat


Graham & Spencer Leopard Coat

It’s a bold pattern so you have to dress smart like Kate.  Sedate the rest of your outfit by keeping it simple. Stick to just one item, don’t dress head to toe.  To satisfy your inner feline, wear it with:

  • All black, head to toe!
  • Plain t-shirt, jeans, and boots.
  • One tone dress (including bright colors) & heels.
  • A clutch & don’t forget the shades.

Remember, when it comes to animal prints, including leopard – less is more.

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