Kate Moss style tips

Kate Moss recently gave 11 style tips to Glamour (March 2010).  I summarized the piece in my own words.

  • Be spontaneous.  No need to plan your outfit the day before.
  • Comfort is the key.
  • Be patient while shopping especially sifting through vintage clothes.
  • Choose a classic animal print bag (her own Longchamp zebra bag would be perfect).
  • Chandelier earrings add a dash of sophistication & glamour.
  • Hats are fashion essentials particularly fedoras.
  • Go for pirate boots – a touch of punk rock attitude is a cool look.
  • Bracelets are a great finishing touch to an outfit.
  • Can’t go wrong with skinny jeans.
  • Retro shades are timeless.
  • Shrunken blazers or cropped jackets are so chic.

Via Glamour

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