Kate has been sporting pretty rosy lips in recent outings complementing her messy blonde hair and the soft smoky eyes. I haven’t used lipstick for years now… lip gloss & lip stain are my lip’s BFF.

Kate was spotted wearing this adorable outfit recently in Paris. I am so in love with the cardigan she’s wearing. It’s a blue-orange cardigan by Marc Jacobs from Stylebop

Kate Moss photographed out and about in Paris wearing an absolutely chic ensemble. I LOVE Kate’s outfit so much here that I couldn’t help but share. Here is a super hot combo – skinny zipper pants + sleek stilettos. Kate masterfully mixes the highs & lows by throwing on an elegant blazer over a simple T-shirt.

Kate Moss was recently spotted several times wearing a black hat with a cool chain accent. I have to tell ya, and you probably already realized that no one wears hats like Kate does. Whether it’s a fedora or captain cap, she makes it look so good & effortless.