Kate Moss chic ensemble

Kate Moss photographed out and about in Paris wearing an absolutely chic ensemble.  I LOVE Kate’s outfit so much here that I couldn’t help but share.  Here is a super hot combo – skinny zipper pants + sleek stilettos.  Kate masterfully mixes the highs & lows by throwing on an elegant blazer over a simple T-shirt.  Once again, the beauty of it all is… dress it up like you’ve effortlessly thrown stuff together.  No need to plan your outfit the day before.  Impromtu is an exciting way to dress!

White Blazer, Biker Pants, Leather Pumps,
Gray T-Shirt, Bag, Necklace, Sunglasses

Kate Moss wearing chain-trimmed hat

Kate Moss was recently spotted several times wearing a black hat with a cool chain accent.  I have to tell ya, and you probably already realized that no one wears hats like Kate does.  Whether it’s a fedora or captain cap, she makes it look so good & effortless.  A fast way to fix up your bad hair day and look stylish at the same time.  Found this sweet wool cap detailed with silver chains.

The Harper’s Bazaar March 2010 issue is decorated with the gorgeous Kate Moss.  Can’t wait to receive the issue at my door step!  Love her makeup for this cover with luscious pink lips and soft smoky eyes.  How’s that for spring makeup?

Kate Moss cover Harper's Bazaar

Kate Moss at Alexander McQueen's funeral

Kate Moss was the among the mourning attendees at Alexander McQueen’s funeral on Feb. 25th in London.  Only the family, and close friends were gathered at the intimate service to pay their repects to one of the most eclectic designers of all time.  Kate was one of his very dear friends.

Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen

Via Fadedyouthblog

Kate Moss style tips

Kate Moss recently gave 11 style tips to Glamour (March 2010).  I summarized the piece in my own words.

  • Be spontaneous.  No need to plan your outfit the day before.
  • Comfort is the key.
  • Be patient while shopping especially sifting through vintage clothes.
  • Choose a classic animal print bag (her own Longchamp zebra bag would be perfect).
  • Chandelier earrings add a dash of sophistication & glamour.
  • Hats are fashion essentials particularly fedoras.
  • Go for pirate boots – a touch of punk rock attitude is a cool look.
  • Bracelets are a great finishing touch to an outfit.
  • Can’t go wrong with skinny jeans.
  • Retro shades are timeless.
  • Shrunken blazers or cropped jackets are so chic.

Via Glamour